Friday, June 1, 2012

Relay Race

I don’t know what my deal is signing up for races that I don’t have time to train for, but I did it again this year.

My good ol’ friends that go way back signed up for a relay race that went from Gardner Village in West Jordan to Roy.  It was 51 miles between the 4 of us. Not too bad right?  Well, I underestimated my schedule leading up to that race.  I had cheer tryouts, convention, cheer clinics, and a family trip to Hawaii the month before the race.  Who knows when I thought I was going to train.  When we were in Hawaii and it was actually my dad who said “You know your race is next Saturday.”  Oops, I hadn’t run a mile in over a month and, at that point, I had never ran more than 5 miles in my life.  It’s not surprising that after my two 6 miles runs I was DEAD!  Rose’s cute cousin Jenae luckily helped us out and ended up running one of our longer legs which saved us!

It was totally worth it though to catch up with friends.  We had a dinner and a slumber party the night before and spent the whole race day together.  We had a great time and it was a big accomplishment for all of us to finish that race.  So glad we did it!!!


I am running the Wasatch Back with my work the middle of June and you will all be proud to know that I am actually training for it!!!

PS - Thanks for the pictures Chels, I stole them from your Facebook page.  :)


Rachel Angela Clark said...

Great pics! Thanks for posting. =) You guys look great!

Nicole said...

Hi friend! Its so fun catching up on your blog, looks like you guys are doing great! Lets do lunch... call or text me. 801.367.9294