Monday, April 20, 2009

Summer! Here we…ah wait, we’re not ready!

One month and one week since we tied the knot and you better believe the lazy nights and yummy foods are catching up with us. Every night and every morning this is us…
“Ah, I am so fat.”
“No, baby you look great. I am the fat one.”
“No, I am. Gym tomorrow?”
“Yes, yes definitely.”
Well, every “tomorrow” comes and goes and we never make it to the gym.
What could be a better motivator than summer and swimsuits in the near future, right? Gees I hope so! The only thing we’re scared about is our summer schedules. School, 4 jobs between the two of us, and of course we will need some time to play! Anyone, feel me? Who honestly has time to stay in shape these days! If anyone has any healthy recipes or workout tips help a girl out!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Honeymoon Mania!

-Hey Folks-
We're back, we're married, and we're lovin' it!
Here are some pictures of our amazing honeymoon to Cabo.

This is us at a yummy sushi joint our first night in Cabo.

Taking it easy at the beautiful beach five minutes away from our hotel.

Why so jealous, Trev?

The coolest restaurant we went to was a place called "Mi Casa". This picture does not do the atmosphere of this restaurant justice. They had huge murals painted on the walls, live music, and little birds that told us our fortunes. They even had a huge tree in the bathroom! I am pretty sure they built the bathroom around it!

One of the days we rented a jeep and drove for about 2 hours to get to this beach called Cabo Pulmo. It was completely worth it! There were hardly any tourists and we had some great experiences. We went snorkeling (I chickened out when it came time to swim with the sealions. Yikes, no thank you.), whale watching, and saw a bunch a flying manta ray. Sorry we don't have pictures...we decided the safest place for the camera was back in the jeep. :)

One of the last adventures we went on was a whale watching excursion. Loved every minute of it!

Our honeymoon summary would not be complete without telling you about the yummy fruit we bought on the street the second to last day. Sound unintellegent? Well, it most definitely was. By the time we got home Trev had a temperature of around 103 degrees! The mexican water on the fruit and his sensitive stomach was not a good mix to say the least! After some antibacterial medicine he is back to normal and we are getting a good laugh looking back on our stupid mistake. :)