Monday, June 6, 2011

ICU Critical Care Tech!

This is my cute husband.

He has been working as a phlebtomist at IHC for the past 6 months.

As of today is he is the newest critical care tech in the respitory icu! We couldn't be happier! :) You see, after Trev graduates nursing school he will need to work in icu for at least a year before he applies for graduate school for either nurse practioner or nurse anthestist. He will now have two years of extra experience in the icu and a foot in the door for a nursing job when he graduates.

We are so blessed and I am so proud of Trevor for working so hard toward our end goal of graduate school!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend a.k.a an Awesome Weekend!

I kicked off the weekend by going to cheer practice with my cute little cheerleading team. LOVE them! They are the hardest working little cheerleaders in the world with the best attitudes and I love spending practices with them! We got our first floor libs on Friday - the first time they had ever even tried them! (The picture is a little blurry, but you get the picture.)

I went and got a new library card and spent an hour at the library looking for a good book - wow is that place overwhelming!

Trev had to work all Friday night so I made us some snacks for when he got home. Baked scones and made us pomegranate blueberry smoothies. Yum! I got the recipes from my new favorite website - We stayed up late watching H.P. We are determined to watch the first 7 movies before the last one comes out in July! Can't wait!

For the past 6 months we have lived on our townhouse we have had an ugly, white, plastic shelf stuffed in a corner to hold all our food. I am thrilled to say that Saturday my much needed pantry went up!!! We have a few finishing touches to put on it - like a final layer of dry wall and paint - but my food is put away and it looks awesome!

Sunday Trev had to go to work so I drove up to Park City after church and spent the day with my family. We watched movies, played games, ate treats, and had a great lazy Sunday together!

On Monday we got to sleep in! When we finally got ready we went bowling and to lunch with my family. Trev had to leave the festivities early to go to work, but come to find out he didn't have to work Monday after all. I was stoked he got to come home and spend the rest of the day with me! :) My cute little side table got delivered that day and later that night we went to Trev's parents for an (indoor) barbecue.

Such a simple, but great weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Slater's world as of late

My boss has been on maternity leave the past couple months and I have been given the opportunity to fill in for her while she is out. I planned an incentive trip to Bali, Indonesia in March. I left Trevor for a week in March to go on a cruise as a host to another incentive program. In April I planned and executed a day meeting in Anaheim, California for 1300 people. Probably the most stressful three months of my life! I needed to prove that I could execute successful events! It would be 9:30 at night and I would be at work just be starring at my computer racking my brain trying to think if I had forgotten anything. I have always been a list maker, but wow, lists saved my life these past few months! I am grateful for the learning experience and happy to have a couple of events under my belt, but I can't wait for my boss to get back in a week and a half. Yahoo!

Trevor is working as a phlebotomist at IHC on 5300 S. We love it there! IHC is such a great company to work for and there are so many opportunities to move up. He currently works 4 nights a week including every Friday night and every other Saturday and Sunday (yes, our weekends our a riot). J Hopefully this summer he will be able to get a job as a critical care tech working Friday night to Saturday morning and Sunday night to Monday morning. A crazy schedule, but it will be less hours and will work better for school.

Speaking of school, Trevor started his first semester of nursing school in January at Westminster! He is loving it, but it is definitely a LOT of work. Those who have gone to nursing school know what I am talking about. Hours of studying, lots of information, clinicals, papers, memorizing, and the list continues. Luckily Trev will get a breather and have the summer off from school, but will start back up full force in August.

We had cheer tryouts for Elite Academy a couple weeks ago. Yes, I am back coaching. I just can't stay away! I am so excited for my cute new squad. We had our first practice Tuesday and we are going to kick some butt this year!!!

In March Trev and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary by spending the weekend in St George. Woot woot. We love the S.G.

Trev and I have also been called to serve in the primary. The 4 and 5 year olds. Heavenly Father is definitely teaching me patience before I have children of my own. The kids love Trevor, but they definitely know how to get a rise out of me. If I ask them nicely not to do something and then ask them again, and again, and again - I swear they look at me and laugh and then we give each other the stare down for the next 5 minutes to see who is going to win the battle. Ha ha, yeah I'm working on staying calm with 4 year olds. J

Now, we're looking forward to some warm weather and summer projects on our house!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Our townhouse!

Welcome to our new townhouse in Draper, Ut! We love it here and are so happy to be new owners of our very own house!

Come on in and I'll give you the tour.

This is the front of our townhouse. Ours is the middle townhouse in this picture.

This is what the family room before we moved in.

Walk in the front door and this is what you will see. There is three stairs that leads into the room. The kitchen is just off to the left and a half bath off to the right. The huge sliding doors lead out to a deck and have an AWESOME view of the valley. (I tried to take a picture, but it didn't work in the dark)

Trevor's pride and joy - the mounted tv. He get's plenty of call of duty and football in on this tv.

Now let's take a look at the kitchen.

This is the kitchen before we moved in.

And the kitchen after we were finished. What a HUGE different a little paint can make.

If you go downstairs instead of upstairs you'll find an open space, the laundry room, and the entrance to the garage which is on the back of the house.

Off to the second floor...

This is the extra bedroom/tv room on the second floor. This is where I go when I need a break from the video game playing.

And, the office also on the second floor. Needs a little bit of love, but we are working on it. :)

The rooms on the second floor have a perfect view of the Draper temple which is about a mile away from our house.

Not pictured is the full bathroom also on the second floor.

Here is the master bedroom before we moved in. There are about seven stairs from the second floor to the master bedroom and then seven more stairs to the master bathroom and walk-in closet.

The master bedroom after a little painting and a few decorations.
Go up the few stairs and you get to the master bathroom.

And, the master bathroom. I really wish I had a before picture of this bathroom. It was a MESS, but cleaned up quite nicely.

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you enjoyed your tour. :)