Friday, March 26, 2010

What to do with the time?

Life as a college student is nearing the end.

I am taking 2 classes this summer and I will be done forever and moving on to the next phase in my life.

Sigh...I'm so happy to be done, but I always have a hard time changing up my daily routine.

No school? What will I do?

With a full time career in the near future I decided it would be too much to continue coaching cheer.

Again, bitter sweet. Lova love those girls and I will miss them like crazy, but I didn't feel like I could be a reliable coach for them next year considering I would be working 40+ hours a week. I'd be stressed trying to be in two places at once and I'm sure the girls and the studio would be frustrated I wasn't putting forth my all into coaching.

So, with no school and no cheer. I have decided I need a hobby!

And the winner is...YOGA!

Oh yes, I am taking my first class on Saturday.
I have done a little research on yoga and if any of you care to know of some of the benefits here they are!

Aging. Posture. Strength. Energy. Weight. Sleep. Balance. Core strength. Mood. Stress Reduction. Anxiety. Self-acceptance. Self-control. Mind-body connection. Positive outlook on life. Hostility. Concentration. Memory. Attention. Calmness. Muscle tone. Endurance.

Call me a hippie, but hey I'm excited. Just what I need!
Next time you see me don't be surprised if I can do this...

Ha, Yeah right!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Has it been a year?

Why yes it has. How time flies. Last Friday Trevor and I celebrated our first year anniversary!

Before we get started, I forgot my camera. Genius, I know. We bought a disposable one, but haven't gotten the pictures back yet.

The festivities included...

Maddox - an incredible steak house up north. Everything was so fresh! It better be. The ranch was right next to the restaurant. You look at a cow as your walking in and think...that might be my dinner. Sigh, kind of sad, but the food was delicious.

Trevor surprised me with the Swiss Family Robinson Room at the anniversary inn in Logan. There was a tree in the middle of our room and a fish tank! A huge jet tub, room service, cheesecake, movies, all the makes of a romantic evening. ;) Thanks honey!

We went and saw Alice in Wonderland the next day and later that night we celebrated good ol' Ty's birthday.

It was quite the weekend.

I have to agree with my cute friend Kylee who already posted about her anniversary. When we were sitting in the temple year ago I didn't think I could love Trevor any more, but as time goes by I am amazed at how much more I love him everyday. We have grown together so much this year and I am so lucky to have him.

Here's to us and years full of excitement and fun to come!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jealous? You should be!

Meet Sam, the new addition to our family.

He might not be a looker, but he is a natural gas car that we can fill up for $5!

Our 1998 Honda civic came to our family after being owned by the government. He runs like a dream and only has 40,000 miles on him!

I have to say, for his age he is in great shape!

His dashboard still makes me chuckle though...what a glance into the past.

We got him for a great price, especially with a tax credit. I've gotta give it to my husband for finding such a great deal!

He might not be a brand new car or even a car from the 20th century, but he's ours! He is our first big purchase together since we've been married.

Welcome to the fam Sam!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Turkey here we come!

Yes, come May trevor, me, and my family will be making the journey to Antalya, Turkey to enjoy this quaint town and beautiful beaches!

My dad travels the world for his job and occasionally we get lucky and he takes us with him for a family vacation.

Friday, March 5, 2010

It must have slipped

Just got home from teaching a tumbling class.

Two little boys decided to try the class for the first time.

Maybe not the most coordinated of little guys.

I was spotting the older one on a back handspring.

Not wanting him to fall on his head, I was spotting him really close.

He bent his legs.

Flipped backwards.

And right when he was upside down, butt in my face...


YES, a loud, nasty, wet and juicy my FACE!

Bah, yuck!!!

Everyone in the room was rolling with laughter.

Couldn't have been better. I couldn't have been more disgusted.

But hey, I guess I was looking for a good laugh.

Laughed for 5 minutes straight. Still laughing.