Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ahh, Sweet Subway Memories

One Saturday a couple years ago I was helping with my high school baseball team's fundraiser. Trevor was finally back from school at Dixie and was dying to see me. :) He picked me up from the Riverton park where I was at, we went and picked up some Subway and then went back to the park to eat it. As an immature high school senior I was so embarrassed and did not want anyone to see us. Don't ask me why but we ended up waiting in the car until evey one had gone before we ventured out to a table to eat our lunch. One of our more memorable first "dates".

Jump to April of 2009. Married now, I was waiting for Trev to get home from work which usually isn't until about 9:00 pm. He told me they were really busy at work and he would not be able to get off early so I made myself comfortable on the couch and began to watch my favorite show. 20 minutes later my man popped his head in the door with a blindfold. He blindfolded me, put me in the car, and we began to make our way to a surprise location. Trev, of course, drove around in circles for the first little bit to throw me off course. Next thing I know we were at that good ol' Riverton park. Trev reached into the trunk and pulled out two Subway sandwiches. A reinactment of our date almost three years ago. You've gotta love moments like these and unforgettable spring days!

PS Sorry for the lack of pictures. I am the worst at taking pictures. Along with my oh so many goals I have also made a goal to keep my camera charged and ready to snap any Kodak moments like this one.