Friday, June 1, 2012


At the end of April Trevor and I had the opportunity to go to Kauai with my family and grandparents (Mom’s side).  We had a BLAST!  Trevor and I were thinking about how we could make it work to move there.  Everyone and everything is so laid back and relaxed.  Go to the beach, eat, hike, have a snow cone, read.  La-ti-da – if only life were that simple every day.  My grandpa had never been to in the ocean in his 71 years of life and my grandma hadn't been since she was a little girl so it was fun to see them enjoy the beautiful beaches of Kauai (even if it was a little rainy).

We stayed at a house by the beach (BY the beach, not ON the beach) in Hanalei Bay.  The first day we went to church at the local branch and then drove around the island.

Monday we went to a the Fern Gratto and to a Luau.

Tuesday we had surfing lessons which I have to admit really is just not my thing.

Wednesday we kayaked down a river and then hiked to a waterfall.  My grandma and grandpa were troopers and did it with us!

Thursday we went snorkeling in the morning and on a dinner cruise that evening.  It wasn’t exactly what everyone had in mind as a dinner cruise, but we loved it.  We cruised around in a sail boat around the island and got soaked.  A couple of the family members stayed inside the boat while we were cruising got sea sick.  But it was nice to be outside and enjoy the weather.  We even saw a whale and her baby even though it is super late in the season to spot them.

Friday everyone minus my mom and grandpa went on a horseback riding zip-lining adventure.       

Saturday Trev, Curt, my dad, and myself went on a 8 mile hike to a waterfall.  It had rained a lot that week so that trail was slippery and challenging, but super fun. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures - we opted out of taking the camera with us on some of the water related activities.  :)


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